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The Game Crafter Podcast #140 on How to Playtest

WOW - We are honored

Check out our "Whats New" News section of our website to find this cool update on how our question to The Game Crafter podcast was addressed in detail by JT and Jeff (thanks guys!).

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New prototype of Bid Challenge arrived!

Just received my new prototype from

So excited to receive my new prototype from The card quality is great and the whole package is nice and compact. Looking forward to testing in the Toronto area.
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New Prototype - Codename: Bid Challenge

We're back

After a long break from designing, we are back into the swing of things. Check our new section in "4Fx Games" called "Prototype: Bid Challenge" where we have added an evolving blog on this game's evolution.

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Website Launch

After many months the dream is starting to take shape

Wow, after many long months of preparation we now have an awesome platform and website. This was not possible with significant help from our web guru, Henning Geiler.  This is the start of an exciting project that is focused on delivering intelligent, fun games that have a little more depth than your typical games.

From all of us at we hope you will enjoy the site and the content we provide in the coming months.

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