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FATE Core Combat Example Teaser

Example of a FATE Core combat - one page
Many years ago I enjoyed several RPGs.  Like many youngsters I grew up on Dungeons and Dragons, then as the costs go higher, and budgets get tighter, we look to new friends for ideas.  After giving up on RPGs for a time I had the fortune to meet someone who was a passionate fantasy gamer, and he demoed a game that I quickly found to be appealing.

Unfortunately, work and other aspects again pulled me away from this past time until Evil Hat Productions released a Kickstarter on this gaming system that I admired.

FATE Core came out in 2014 and I've enjoyed reading the details in preparation for a time when I could enjoy an RPG again.  So now, with the Kickstarter tools in my hand, FATE Accelerated, Fate System Toolkit and FATE dice I was ready to introduce this to my old gaming group.

Unfortunately they are happily stuck in their current games.

So now I was in a quest to find marketing materials that helped show the impact and power of this system. But with much of the hype dying off I could not find many articles that described the flavor of the game that I knew was in these books.

After much reading of the rules (and yet to run a game) I thought that I would take a stab at describing what I saw were the merits of the game system.
Please do send me any feedback that you have.

Click < here > for the draft PDF I've created.

Mike D

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