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Kickstarter Tournament at Hammercon Nov 2nd and 3rd

Have fun learning a new game and a chance to win big!


Tournament rules subject to change without notice. Check this page for details and updates.

Welcome everyone to our first event, at Hamilton's own Hammercon V
( ). We are looking forward to seeing everyone again this year, especially with the launch of our new game, "The Great Turkey Escape".

We are running this tournament to gain feedback, as well as to help more people discover the game.

And one cautionary note: we have found in many game trials that this game can evoke some high emotions. It is definatly intended to create a high degree of tension. So I hope you enjoy the trip, and we'll see you at the next game!

Please note these two important points:

  1. In the interests of keeping this a light hearted experience we will ask everyone to play with a fun and positive attitude. If anyone is abusive or becomes overly upset they will be asked to leave the game and will be removed from the tournament.
  2. Each player will be asked to complete a game registration form. You are to take this with you and record your game feedback throughout the game. Your feedback is invaluable to improving the experience for everyone, and is the reason why we are running this tournament.

Saturday Nov 2nd - Pre Qualifying and Learning the Beginner Game
  • Beginner game rules are designed for a younger audience and for players that want a faster game with less strategy. It also uses the card deck for the board game.
  • Sign up for one of the many 60 minute sessions. Herein you will learn about the game in about 10 minutes, then play several trial hands for 20 minutes. The remaining 30 minutes will be to play an actual game for a chance to enter the tournament.
  • You can play again, but your name will be recorded as part of the "second string". If we do not have suffiicent winners from the first string, then the players with the highest amount of points (movement on the board) will be added to the semi-finals.
Sunday - Semi-Finals from 9 am to 11 am (hard stop at 11 am)
  • Winners from Saturday will be offered a seat at the semi-finals table.
  • Players will be taught the Pro Rules which include bidding and uses the peg board.
  • There are a maximum of 4 tables, with 4-6 players. Players will be selected randomly.
  • Each team will play one full game in the two hour period.
Sunday - Final 4 players at 11 am
  • Top 4 players will play with Pro Rules
  • $200 in Prizes - can be taken as cash or can trade in for a store credit with participating vendors to receive more value
    • Winner will receive $100
    • 2nd place receives $50
    • 3rd place receives $30
    • 4th place receives $20

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